Breast Cancer Survivor, “Bonus Mom”

SPECIAL RELEASE LOCAL EPISODE! Jamie Vaughn is a retired school teacher, bonus mom of 3 adult children, wife to her amazing husband, Farrell, dog-mom, and “Glamma” to 2 granddaughters. Jamie is a recent breast cancer survivor, who is a fierce advocate for other breast cancer patients and survivors. Her journey has been an emotional struggle and still is, at times, in her survivorship, yet she does recognize all of the silver linings as well. Aside from her mother’s death only 4 years ago, which was downright gut-wrenching, breast cancer has been a whole new level of trauma. Jamie has shared her story through social media, podcasts, and news programs. She holds a lot of space for others too. She has her own podcast called “Test Those Breasts!” where she holds important conversations with patients, survivors, caregivers, multiple types of therapists, and a myriad of medical providers, including surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, and nurses, in order to provide much-needed support. On her podcast, she and guests discuss ALL things breast cancer, including the emotional toll, advocacy, treatment/surgical options, caregiving, and more. She started her podcast as a healing mechanism AND to help shorten the learning curve for the newly diagnosed, survivors, caregivers, and anyone else who is touched by breast cancer. Absolutely nothing is off-limits for me. I am an open book when it comes to my journey, including my initial response to my diagnosis, unexpected detours, disappointments, anger, fear, silver linings, etc. In learning more about the Becoming Parents podcast, I have noticed that you focus a lot on how cancer affects us emotionally, which is so important. I always encourage others to walk into and honor their emotions (good, bad, ugly) in order to embrace the process of their own individual journeys. I can also speak to support, advocacy, 2nd opinions, my surgeries, etc.

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